ඞ [PDF]-Free Read ❔ Sold Out: How High-Tech Billionaires & Bipartisan Beltway Crapweasels Are Screwing America's Best & Brightest Workers ⡹ Kindle Author Michelle Malkin ⣸

ඞ [PDF]-Free Read  ❔ Sold Out: How High-Tech Billionaires & Bipartisan Beltway Crapweasels Are Screwing America's Best & Brightest Workers  ⡹ Kindle Author Michelle Malkin ⣸ ඞ [PDF]-Free Read ❔ Sold Out: How High-Tech Billionaires & Bipartisan Beltway Crapweasels Are Screwing America's Best & Brightest Workers ⡹ Kindle Author Michelle Malkin ⣸ Sold Out Introduction Walt Disney World information technology workers laid off1 Qualcomm lays off 4,500 workers while demanding H 1Bs2 Intel to cut over 5,000 jobs3 Cisco execs try to put best face on 6,000 layoffs4 Cargill to outsource IT services 900 jobs affected5 Microsoft wont lay off H 1B before U.S workers6 Bank of America planning to cut 16,000 jobs by year end7 Southern California Edison IT workers beyond furious over H 1B replacements8 Harley Davidson cuts IT staff shifts some to Infosys9 Northeast Utilities cuts IT workforce hires Indian outsourcers10 Did Pfizer force its staff to train their H 1B replacements 11 Best Buy hit with lawsuit over layoffs of IT workers12 Foreign workers fill hundreds of Sacramento area IT jobs13 Outsourced at home U.S workers pissed at H 1B visa program14 From the Happiest Place on Earth at Walt Disney World in Florida to Silicon Valley and across the heartland, Americas skilled workers are getting screwed Brutally, insidiously, and comprehensively screwed Were going to show you who the worst perpetrators are, how and why theyre doing it, and what we must do to stop them The plight of Disney employeesand of tens of thousands like them nationwideis a real world nightmare that even Hollywoods finest screenwriters couldnt concoct Disney managers summoned hundreds of their American information technology workers called cast members to mysterious meetings in October 2014 The data systems programmers and engineers had just completed an IT project several proudly bore blue ID badges identifying them as Disney Partners in Excellence One of these Disney professionals told us he had received a big pay raise before the meeting, along with the highest possible performance review But he and his colleagues didnt walk into a fairy tale celebration of their accomplishments They walked into a professional death sentenceand their bosses handed them the shovels to dig their own graves One by one, the Disney cast members heard their bosses read from the same grim script informing them that they would be laid off by January 30, 2015 The evil twist Before getting the boot, they would be forced to participate in Knowledge Transfer sessions with their younger, cheaper, less skilled replacements imported from India We reviewed two internal Disney documents informing workers about the elimination and outsourcing of their jobs to a managed service provider Each American IT team member was offered a stay bonus of 10 percent of their base salarybut only contingent upon your continued satisfactory performance of your job duties and responsibilities One memo warned that workers would lose their bonuses and be terminated before their separation dates if they violated Company policy or engaged in misconduct e.g., failure to comply with nondisparagement and confidentiality clauses Another laid off Disney IT worker at the Magic Kingdom reported Some of these folks were literally flown in the day before to take over the exact same job I was doing He had little choice but to train his successor from India on site, in our country.15 If you do not cooperate, supervisors warned, you will not get a severance or retention bonus Orlandos WESH TV first reported on the brutal layoffs and replacement training scheme in late January 2015.16 It took months for the mainstream media to follow up The Orlando Sentinel produced a bland report that completely omitted the outsourcing angle,17 but thanks to veteran tech journalist Patrick Thibodeau at Computerworld,18 the Disney workers exposed to a national audience how they had been thrown under the bus at their worksite As the layoff date neared, one worker told Thibodeau, I really felt like a foreigner in that building.19 While those employees struggled to complete their last, humiliating assignment and find new work, Disney CEO Bob Iger and his fellow cochairs of a corporate front group called the Partnership for a New American Economy lobbied in Washington, D.C., for increases in temporary worker visasand baldly denied to Congress that they were sacking American workers in favor of cheap foreign labor Not until June 2015 did the New York Times finally deem the Disney nightmare newsworthy with a front page article headlined Pink Slips at Disney But First, Training Foreign Replacements.20 By then, the Disney workers had been cut loose by their bosses, who prevented any contractor that worked with the entertainment empire from hiring the fired workers for twelve months.21 In a face saving move, Disney canceled plans for even American tech worker layoffs in its New York City and Burbank offices.22 But it came too late for the cast off cast members in Orlando To put this all in perspective, the combined salaries of all the 320 cast members Disney replaced is much lower than the 46.5 million the company paid to CEO Iger in 2014.23 There is no future in IT for Americans So why continue one of the victims told us FOLLOW THE MONEY Who in Washington will stand up for our nations best and brightest We know who stands with American tech companies and their offshore outsourcing partners in championing low cost foreign workers President Barack Obama and the Senates so called Gang of EightSen Michael Bennet D Colo , Sen Richard Durbin D Ill , Sen Jeff Flake R Ariz , Sen Lindsey Graham R S.C , Sen John McCain R Ariz , Sen Bob Menendez D N.J , Sen Marco Rubio R Fla , and Sen Chuck Schumer, D N.Y side with the CEOs of Disney, Intel, Cisco, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft News Corp founder Rupert Murdoch, GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson, former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, and liberal billionaire hedge fund mogul George Soros all support the Big Tech, open borders agenda Revolving door operatives on both the Left and Right, such as Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe D , Hillary Clinton brother Tony Rodham, former Michigan senator Spencer Abraham R , Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, and former Mississippi governor Haley Barbour R , have made millions consulting for foreign governments, investors, and visa seekers The Republicrats and Demopublicans in D.C pay lip service to improving the twenty first century American workforce Theyve got fancy blueprints and buzzword filled plans for helping the American middle class and encouraging American students to pursue college and advanced degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math described by lobbyists and educrats using the buzzword STEM.24 They say they oppose tax breaks for offshoring and want to Bring Jobs Home.25 Yet untold thousands of skilled U.S workers have been laid off, replaced, and forced to train their imported replacementsand most politicians embrace solutions that will only make things much, much worse As well show you, many brave whistleblowers have risked their livelihoods and lives exposing corporate betrayals and lobbyist driven subversions of law Yet defenders of the temporary guest worker racketwho rush to lionize every successful immigrant entrepreneur to bolster their case for bottomless tech visa handoutsscoff at Americans forced to dig their own graves At the center of the storm is H 1B, the foreign tech worker visa program that turns twenty five years old in November 2015 It was supposed to be a program for high skilled guest workers to alleviate shortages in specialty fields While H 1B boosters in the U.S hype the program as the genius visa26 for braniacs,27 the former commerce secretary of India, Kamal Nath, revealed the truth H 1B, he said, has become the outsourcing visa.28 As we show you in Sold Out With very few exceptions, the purported shortages of American workers dont exist There is nothing special about the hundreds of thousands of H 1B visa holders flooding our workforce Most H 1B workers are sponsored by companies that specialize in offshore outsourcing of U.S jobs Abuse of guest workers by both offshoring companies and their U.S tech giant partners is rampant Enforcement is a joke The promises of U.S worker protections were big fat whoppers I was part of teams that trained our H 1B replacements at two different Fortune 500 firms, one U.S worker informed the proopen borders Wall Street Journal in April 2015.29 Both times we were promised by management that we are training the H 1B workers so we could move on to the next big, high priority, new technology project What happened each time was the new project went to some other company and they laid us off The third time this occurred, I realized the pattern and quit before the offshore team arrived.30 They told us they could replace one of us with three, four, or five Indian personnel and still save money, a laid off worker at Southern California Edison told the Los Angeles Times, recounting a group meeting with supervisors in 2014 They said, We can get four Indian guys for cheaper than the price of you You could hear a pin drop in the room.31 In March 2015, in the wake of the American tech worker layoffs at Disney and elsewhere, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on H 1B abuse The Republicans invited H 1B opponents as witnesses and the Democrats invited two H 1B supporters and one opponent In the face of the Disney and Southern California Edison fiascos, the Democratic senators including those sponsoring bills for H 1B visas were smart enough to remain largely silent, but a handful of Republicans danced for industry lobbyists Sen Hatch gave a lecture in support of H 1B visas, while Republican Sens Jeff Flake of Arizona and John Cornyn of Texas threw softball questions to the Democrats witnesses who supported H 1B They dont call it the stupid party for nothing, folks In April 2015, ten U.S senators signed a letter asking the U.S Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Labor Department to investigate the use of the H 1B program to replace large numbers of American workers at Southern California Edison SCE and other employers.32 Two weeks later, the Labor Department refused to investigate because no credible source had complained and there was no reasonable cause to believe the company violated the rules governing the visas.33 Indeed, Congress itself bears the blame for facilitating the systematic replacement of American workers with temporary foreign guest workers Immigration lawyers explicitly made it legal for employers to replace Americans with lower paid H 1B workers in nearly all cases The SCE workers are just the latest example of H 1B roadkill sanctioned by many of the lawmakers now complaining about it.34 In fact, two of the senators who signed the complaintSens Richard Blumenthal D Conn and Claire McCaskill D Mo are cosponsors of legislation to expand H 1B without any meaningful American worker protection reforms.35 A SHORTAGE OF JOBS, NOT WORKERS If you believe the constant Chicken Little rhetoric of the immigration expansionists, America suffers from a catastrophic dearth of talented, educated graduates and workers in science and technology But in July 2014, the U.S Census Bureau reported that an astonishing 74 percent of those who have a bachelors degree in science, technology, engineering and mathcommonly referred to as STEMare not employed in STEM occupations.36 That translates to roughly 11.4 million of 15 million Americans with STEM degrees who arent working in STEM fields.37 Predictably, the proopen borders editorial board of the Wall Street Journal, owned by unrepentant immigration expansionist Rupert Murdoch, attacked Sen Sessions for citing this devastating figure To refute the census data, the papers editors cited a contrary study by the National Foundation for American Policywhich, as well show you, is the one man advocacy research shop of D.C swamp creature and libertarian ideologue Stuart Anderson He does not have a statistics or economics background, but boasts a well connected Capitol Hill pedigreeand in typical circular fashion, proudly flaunts his credentials of having published articles in, you guessed it, the Wall Street Journal.38 By contrast, three bona fide academics, Hal Salzman of Rutgers University, Daniel Kuehn of American University, and B Lindsay Lowell of Georgetown University, determined that only one of every two U.S college STEM graduates is hired into a STEM job each year Most of the STEM graduates who dont enter the STEM workforce cite lack of STEM related jobs or better job opportunities in non STEM fields At the end of 2014, a leading employment consulting firm reported that despite the overall strength of the tech sector, employers in the computer industry saw the heaviest downsizing of the year, announcing a total of 59,528 planned layoffs That is 69 percent than a year ago.39 Many of the companies calling for legislation to let in foreign workersHewlett Packard, Cisco Systems, United Technologies, American Express, Procter Gamble, T Mobile, Archer Daniels Midland, Verizon, and General Millshave laid off thousands of Americans in recent years.40 See Appendix A for the demand letter to Congress signed by these and other U.S companies seeking increases in foreign guest worker visas Meanwhile, foreign guest workers account for one third to one half of all new IT hires.41 By January 2015, guest workers made up 21 percent of software developers in the U.S.42 Employment site Bright.com examined H 1B labor condition application forms filed by companies during one quarter of 2013, crunched the numbers from its database of roughly one million active rsums, and matched its available candidate pool with available jobs geographically We had expected to find many areas where there was an insufficient supply of domestic workers, David Hardtke, Brights chief scientist, told Entrepreneur magazine.43 Instead, the analysis found 1.34 qualified domestic workers for every one position where a company had indicated an intent to hire a foreign worker through the H 1B program The study found 4.08 American job candidates for every one electronics engineering job listed as an H 1B position Not only did the data overall show a plentiful supply of job candidates, but the analysis also suggested the supply of American workers for these jobs will rise over time.44 If firms were so desperate to find IT workers, as immigration expansionists insist, wages in the sector would rise Yet, wages for new computer science graduates are expected to plunge 9 percent during the coming year.45 Professor Salzman observed that average wages in the IT industry are the same as those that prevailed when Bill Clinton was president despite industry cries of a shortage.46 CONSPIRING AGAINST AMERICAN WORKERS As stalwart Senate Immigration Subcommittee chairman Sen Jeff Sessions R Ala notes, The principal economic dilemma of our time is the very large number of people who either are not working at all, or not earning a wage great enough to be financially independent.47 President Obama likes to blame automation, noting that some workers lost their jobs because of the advent of ATM machines and self service kiosks at airports.48 But theres a much glaring and treacherous source of pain government engineered, corporate lobbyistdriven favoritism for cheap, immobile foreign workers over U.S workers The same politicians who preach about prosperity for all are stabbing talented, productive Americans in the back The U.S Constitution does not say that the paramount duty of government is to celebrate diversity or to embrace multiculturalism or to give every willing worker in the world a job It says our republic was established to provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty Providing for the common defense does not mean obliterating guest worker visa caps whenever corporate lobbyists hit the panic button Promoting the general welfare does not mean providing unlimited employment opportunities for all 7 billion people on our planet Securing the blessings of liberty does not mean guaranteeing the blessings of low wage workers for Microsoft, Facebook, and Google The system is not broken, but Americas will to enforce its laws, control its borders, and punish immigration violators is dying on the vine While multinational corporations clamor for ever expanding immigration policies, its worth pointing out that America remains generousto a fault We already grant one million legal permanent residencies green cards to people from around the world every year The number of new legal permanent residents is expected to increase by 10 million by 2025 Thats than the current combined population of Dallas, St Louis, Denver, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.49 The inflow of new green card holders is in addition to the upward of 30 million illegal aliens50 poised to gain full work authorization and citizenship rights under various congressional and White House amnesty plans, along with an estimated annual influx of 70,000 asylees, 500,000 foreign students, and nearly 700,000 total foreign guest workers both skilled and unskilled, not to mention their spouses, many of whom are allowed to work here as well.51 More than 350,000 foreign high school and university students, researchers, physicians, and summer work travelers enter the country every year on J 1 exchange visitor visas.52 Up to 66,000 visas are available for nonagricultural temporary foreign workers In 2014, the Department of Labor approved nearly 117,000 positions for seasonal agricultural workers.53 In addition, leaders in both parties and the White House support a fast track trade agreement known as the Trans Pacific Partnership TPP , which reportedly includes expansions of temporary guest worker visas.54 The Departments of Homeland Security, State, and Labor have proved themselves serially incapable of handling the overload By their own admission, their ability to monitor, collect, and analyze basic data about who gets in is completely overwhelmed Decades worth of U.S Government Accountability Office and inspector general reports document repeated failures to enforce visa requirements, wage and nondisplacement protections, and national security measures We take on the plight of high skilled American workers and the visa programs that Big Business and Big Government cronies are abusing to line their pockets, undercut Americas best and brightest, and curry favor with wealthy foreign investors and special interests After a quarter century, the H 1B programs nominal worker protections have been completely eroded Corporate lobbyists have infiltrated congressional backrooms to create circuitous paths around the laws and out of public view Both U.S companies and offshore outsourcing IT firms are exploiting alternative pipelines for cheap foreign workers In Part I of Sold Out, we completely dismantle the H 1B betrayal Its the Grandfather of All American Worker Sellouts Citizens need to know the sordid history of political tricks, Beltway influence peddlers, and legislative corruption behind the program We introduce you to Jennifer Wedel, a spunky Fort Worth, Texas, mom who spoke truth to the H 1B powers in Washington We debunk the myths about H 1B workersthe so called best and brightestmanufactured by advocacy researchers and spread by lazy or complicit journalists Well show you the rampant illegal schemes of bodyshopping and benching, which allow companies to create a cheap, as needed foreign workforce on American soil while tens of thousands of high skilled American workers are being laid off Well shine light on how the disgraceful offshore outsourcing racket forces American workers to train their own foreign worker replacements We expose the fraud perpetrated by shady H 1B con artists and the abuse suffered not just by displaced American workers but also by exploited H 1B workers themselves Youll learn about systemic discrimination against older American tech workers Youll see how companies brazenly exclude Americans from applying for jobs specifically crafted for foreign H 1B visa holders In Part II, well expose the rest of the Foreign Worker Visa Racket from A to Z There are a dizzying number of ways for companies to game the immigration and entrance system Trust us, you have no idea how bad it really is Well detail how Indian software giant Infosysthe largest H 1B usergamed the system to use B 1 temporary business traveler visas as entrance tickets for foreign workers as an end run around H 1B caps Youll learn about the death threats and discrimination faced by American tech workers who told the truth and forced Infosys into a 34 million work visa settlementthe largest of its kind Well take you on a tour of some of the most notorious F 1 student visa abusersshady diploma mill operators who somehow won government approval from snoozing bureaucrats for their phony schools and bilked foreigners held hostage by the threat of deportation Well expose the shocking details of how bipartisan political cronies benefit from the corrupt EB 5 citizenship for sale scheme, which is a bonanza for immigration lawyers and foreign malefactors, enabled by an overwhelmed homeland security bureaucracy And well walk you through the myriad ways that both U.S and Indian companies are exploiting loopholes in the loosely regulated and little scrutinized L 1 visa program to import foreign business transferees who are displacing Americans Executive branch abuse of the immigration system is not new But radical transformer in chief President Obama has taken it to a new level Under the Constitution, Congress defines the classes of aliens eligible to work in the United States, and the executive branch has the broad authority to determine the individual aliens within those classes who are authorized to work Obamas Department of Homeland Security flipped this around and usurped the authority to allow any alienlegally or illegally in the countryto work unless Congress explicitly prohibits it.55 The Obama administration first encroached upon congressional authority over immigration with the so called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals DACA program, which allowed illegal alien children to remain in the United States Next, he created the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents DAPA program, which granted illegal alien parents with children born in the United States the right to remain in the United States and work Using the same twisted legal logic, in 2015 Obama started allowing certain spouses of H 1B workers H 4 visa holders to work in the United States If you thought these brazen illegal alien amnesties through executive order were bad, you aint seen nothing yet Well demonstrate how the administrations of both George W Bush and Barack Obama sneakily expanded the foreign worker supply by administrative fiat, including expansion of the Optional Practical Training OPT program, through which 560,000 foreign students have been authorized to work in the U.S It may well be Americas largest guest worker program, yet it has never been authorized by Congress This backdoor H 1B visa increase allows foreign students to work with little monitoring, no wage protections, no payment of Social Security payroll taxes, and no requirement for employers to demonstrate labor market shortages Well show you how Microsoft lobbied the Bush White House for the program on the cocktail party circuit In Part III, well expose the legislative trickery and legal complexities that have enabled special interests to hijack the deliberative process and hoodwink the American public about the corporate sponsors true intentions We take you deep into the Beltway sewer and lead you through the bipartisan money trail that paved the way for sweeping immigration legislation and visa program expansions, which boosted Big Business and Silicon Valleys bottom linesnot to mention the campaign coffers of Capitol Hill water carriers Well show you which cunning corporations are really benefiting and how shoddy or completely nonexistent the ostensible legislative protections for American workers really are Like junkies desperate for their next heroin fix, high tech billionaires and CEOs cant stop pestering D.C dealers for new injections of cheap foreign workers supplied by H 1B visas Well dive into the Trojan Horse of comprehensive immigration reform, a vast legislative and propaganda vehicle that worsens and compounds the foreign guest worker programs flaws and frauds, instead of fixing them Youll learn how the Senates so called Gang of Eight served the needs and demands of immigration lawyers and corporations by gutting already feeble protections against displacement of U.S workers and depression of wages And well show you all the Christmas tree goodies stuffed into the bill to pay off the Senates sellouts OUR SPECIAL INTEREST YOU Thirteen years ago, I wrote my first book, Invasion How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals, and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores It exposed all the ways in which Big Government and Big Business profited from open borders, while paving the way for the 9 11 Islamic jihadists Their deadly recipe for threatening national security lax enforcement of immigration laws, a deportation abyss designed to fail, repeated federal amnesties for illegal border crossers, and institutional neglect of illegal visa overstayers Now the same political and corporate forces that support massive illegal immigration are pouring even fuel on the fire Theyre threatening our economic security Theyre sabotaging the job prospects of our children and grandchildren High tech companies, university lobbyists, and powerful leaders in both parties have ramped up their plans to import unlimited numbers of legal foreign workers into our country through an alphabet soup of cheap labor visa programs My coauthor, John Miano, is a leading expert on the devastating effects of foreign labor on American technology workers He has testified before Congress multiple times and his work on this issue has been printed and quoted widely in publications ranging from USA Today to Computerworld and Information Week After receiving a BA in mathematics from the College of Wooster, John worked as a computer programmer for eighteen years He founded the Programmers Guild, a professional organization for U.S computer programmers, in 1998 But after suffering firsthand the adverse and absurd effects of the H 1B foreign guest worker program, he left his programming career to fight for American workers and graduated from Seton Hall Law School in 2005 Now John represents a diverse clientele of employees on the front lines who have been adversely affected by foreign guest worker programs His ground breaking federal lawsuit on behalf of WashTech a labor union of professional tech workers against President Bushs regulatory expansion of the OPT program is, as National Reviews John Sullivan called it, the first step of a long battle The Obama administration, the U.S Chamber of Commerce, and the corporate wing of the GOP are likely to fight it all the way to the Supreme Court if need be.56 In April 2015, John and the Immigration Reform Law Institute filed another federal lawsuit in D.C., challenging President Obamas arbitrary and capricious regulatory expansion of work authorizations for H 1B workers spouses classified as H 4 visa holders The plaintiff, Save Jobs USA, is a group of former Southern California Edison employees who were forced to train their foreign guest worker replacements before being laid off As their complaint warns Corporate America is already seizing upon the opportunity created by DHS for cheap labor Even before going into effect, the H 4 Rule has already created a market demand for aliens who possess an H 4 visa and these H 4 aliens are already directly competing with Save Jobs USA members.57 Though we come from very different backgrounds, John and I share a passion for seeking and sharing the truth about the Big Government Big Business alliances harming our country Our shared special interest is the American worker, whose voice has been drowned out by the cheap labor lobby This book is an indictment not only of bipartisan political corruption in Washington, but also of the advocacy research misconduct and journalistic malpractice that has provided cover for the sellouts Its time to trade the whitewash for solvent American workers deserve better and the American public deserves the unvarnished truth Michelle Malkin September 2015Conventional wisdom on high end immigration lies in ruins after Malkin and Miano have their sayfieryprovides an unblinking look at a fearsome enemy Breitbart.com Praise for Culture of Corruption Culture of Corruption, by my good friend and intrepid reporter Michelle Malkin, reveals all the sordid details the Obama Administration would rather you not knowthe sleaze, corruption, and self dealing of the Chicago Machine that lets no crisis go to waste A powerful and necessary indictment of what hope and change really means Mark Levin Dogged, fiercely independent, and with a brilliant eye for the telling detail, Michelle Malkin has now turned her formidable skills to the bright new dawn of the Obama era, and the ever widening gulf between the hopey changey rhetoric and the murkier reality Her riveting portrait of unsavory cronies parceling out the spoils of government is somewhat at odds with the impression you may have gained from the besotted Tiger Beat correspondents of the mainstream media I will leave it to the reader to decide which view is persuasive, but lets just say that, if journalists were like Michelle Malkin, American newspapers might still have a future Mark Steyn, author of the New York Times bestseller America Alone Suck UK Cat Scratching DJ Deck This shopping feature will continue to load items In order navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key the next or previous This sale link is no longer valid Official Tickets and Click here see upcoming events contact customer service at AXS TIX guestservices axs The members Congress who sold you ISPs, Mar , The how much it cost buy them Ikea Fortune Daily Breaking Business News But Koreans seem, for most part, have forgiven Swedes Today Gwangmyeong store, which company s largest in world by area, on track become one Ikea Apple iMac MNELL A Inch, GHz Intel Core i, GB Buy Apple RAM, TB Fusion Drive, Silver Everything Else FREE DELIVERY possible eligible purchases Slaves Were Sold Save Georgetown What Does It Owe Apr Their Descendants Jesuit priests ran country top Catholic university needed money keep alive Sold Cyprus Independent Unbiased Advice, Cyprus Property Sale, Sale Cyprus, Complete 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connected tweet about MAGA meetup tonight Wikipedia ne Maglalang born October American conservative blogger, political commentator, author businesswoman Her weekly syndicated column number newspapers websites She Fox News contributor needs update has been guest MSNBC, C SPAN, national radio programsMalkin Home Facebook M likes Senior Editor, Conservative Review Carol Bells piano, hands, antlers Investigates CRTV digs deeper, past headlines soundbites Real journalism One narrative truth About Photo credit Don Irvine I m mother, wife, columnist, joined senior editor CRTV host Random fun facts My Normblog profile New York Times author, nationally newspaper FOX Channel her husband children Maryland Biography Affair, Married, Husband More relationship current status married woman boyfriend, Jesse after Articles Political Columnist Commentator contributor, Culture Corruption started career Los misstripleem Instagram photos videos Log videos friends discover other accounts ll love couple dating They got Columnist photos Sold Out: How High-Tech Billionaires & Bipartisan Beltway Crapweasels Are Screwing America's Best & Brightest Workers

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